Covid-19 Protocol - update 04 Agosto 2021

The present protocol contains all the actions that will be put in place during the organization of the event Grigne SkyMarathon "Trofeo Davide Invernizzi" for the limitation of the diffusion of Covid-19 complementing what is written in the regulation of the race and is updated with the latest Fisky dispositions of 04 August 2021.


Any violation of this Protocol will cause the immediate disqualification of the athlete.


All the staff engaged in the organization of the Grigne SkyMarathon will be wearing an identification card with name, surname and role. All staff will have previously filled out the SARS CoV2 (Covid-19).
The organization will nominate a Covid-19 manager dedicated exclusively to the management of the controls and the prevention plan.


In the area dedicated to the delivery of race packs / bibs, there is a separation between the entrances and exits. Each competitor must present him/herself wearing a mask
In case of queues before entering the race pack/bibs area, all athletes must maintain a distance of at least one metre.
At the entrance of the dedicated area the head temperature will be measured and the athletes must present:
a) Green Pass or valid EU Digital COVID Certificate
b) Alternatively: certificate or test, in English, German or French, certifying the negativity to COVID-19. The test must have been done within 72 hours before entry into Italy, in case of molecular test, within 48 hours before entry into Italy in case of antigenic test.
c) alternatively: if no test/certification is available at the time of entry into Italy, the molecular or antigenic test may be made in Italy within 24 hours before the competition.         

In the absence the Green Pass or the required certificates, the race bib and race pack cannot be delivered.                

To pick up the race pack/bibs, each competitor must present him/herself wearing a mask.

At the same time as the delivery of the race packs, each athlete will be given a personal identification bracelet which must be wearing for the duration of the event and which will allow access to the Start/Finish area and the final Pasta Party
It is not permitted to pick up the race pack and the race bib on someone else's behalf, nor to hand over the completed Medical Examination Form for SARS-CoV2 infection (COVID-19)


Athletes admitted to the race will be sent an email (and also available on the website) with the safety plan of the race with all the information about the track, exposed passages and equipped with chains and supervised sections, refreshments, exit ways and rescue procedures.
Briefings will also be organised at the starting line (a few minutes before the start) with a summary of the information included in the safety plan.


Participants are not authorised to hand their bags and personal effects to the organisers to be returned at the end of the race.
No dressing rooms and/or showers will be available at the start or finish of the race.


The "race field" includes the race track, the start area, the finish area and the control and refreshment areas on the race track.
Only competitors, accredited staff, judges and other officials, emergency and technical support staff at the control points, refreshments, sweeps, photographers and journalists accredited by the organisation are authorised to enter the "race field".
All persons who are present on the "race field" must wear a mask at all times and respect the distance.
All areas of the "race field" are prohibited to the public.


The starting area will be delimited in a way that only competitors can enter.
Access to the start area will be done at a single point where the outside front temperature will be checked.
All those admitted to the starting area must wear a protective mask.
In the starting zone the athletes must respect a distance of at least one metre. The distance at the start will be marked by lanes, webbing, horizontal signs etc. ...
Competitors are not permitted to leave any material in the starting area, under penalty of disqualification.


Competitors who are not wearing their race bib cannot enter the starting area.
To enter the starting area, each competitor must wear the race bib and mask.
At the entrance to the starting zone, the external frontal body temperature must be taken, which must not exceed 37.5°C.
If this value is exceeded after a second measurement 5 (five) minutes later, the competitor will not be admitted to the competition and must be referred to the competent health authority.
Competitors must wear the mask all the way to the beginning of the track (approx. 300 metres) where an informative panel will be placed.
The mask must be kept by the runner at all times during the race and may not be abandoned or handed over to third parties. The mask must be put on again at the finish, after the time normally necessary for the recovery of physical energy has been exhausted, but before leaving the finish area.
The abandonment of the mask will imply the immediate disqualification of the competitor, apart from more serious sanctions provided for by the relevant health and hygiene regulations.
Any competitor who leaves the start area after entering it must return to the starting area for a temperature check.
The start may take place in several steps in order to guarantee the distance between competitors.


During the race, participants must be able to maintain an approximate distance of at least two metres between them.
Passing must take place in the shortest possible time. It is strictly forbidden to travel side by side during the race.
It is forbidden to leave any kind of material (mask, rubbish, clothing, etc.) on the track under penalty of immediate disqualification.


Several delimited refreshment points will be set up along the race path, to which only participants wearing the correct race number will have access.
Refreshments will be organised so that competitors can provide themselves, with individual single-use containers for drinks and food in single portions.
Single-use containers and waste material must be placed in the appropriate containers by the competitors.
In the refreshment areas it is forbidden to leave waste and single-use containers outside the containers, under penalty of disqualification.
At each refreshment point there will be a race judge who can stop and immediately disqualify the athlete.


The finish area shall be delimited in such a way as to impede access to the public.
Access to the finish area will only be permitted to participants, judges and other officials, rescue and technical support staff, accredited journalists and photographers.
All persons admitted to the finish area must wear a protective mask.
Competitors must put on their mask once they have crossed the finishing line and must leave the finishing area as soon as possible.
All competitors who have crossed the finish line will be given a bag containing the necessary refreshments to be consumed outside the finish area.


In order to avoid assemblies, the race rankings will not be published in paper form, but will be published on the event website and on the website of the company that will be timing the event (OTC/Endu).
The awards ceremony will take place in the area adjacent to the finish line, specifically prepared and appropriately delimited, respecting the interpersonal distance, immediately after the arrival of the 10th competitor.
During the prize-giving ceremonies everyone (competitors and officials) must wear a mask.
Any prizes not delivered during the official ceremony will be sent in the following days to the address communicated at the time of registration.