Regulation and Prize money

1. Pasturo asd Team, in collaboration with ASD Falchi Lecco, ASD G.S.A. Cometa, Association Soci di Pasturo, the Municipality of Pasturo and the local Associations organizes the first edition of the Grigne SkyMarathon “Davide Invernizzi Trophy”, an international competition affiliated to the F.I.Sky - Italian Skyrunning Federation.

2. The race will run on Sunday, 19 September 2021 with start at 07:30 am from Pasturo (altitude 635 meters), on a route of about 42 km and 3900 mt D+. Peaks of the Southern Grigna (2184mt) and the Northern Grigna (2410 mt)  will be touched.

3. QUALIFICATION. The partecipation is allowed to athletes (up to a maximum of 280), both female and male, aged between 18 and 70 years old, with a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports issued by a sports medicine center for the following disciplines: Athletics, Skyrunning, Alpinism, Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering, Nordic Ski and with a proven skyrunning curriculum to be sent from April 16th 2021 to May 31st 2021 for selection.

A ranking will be drawn up on considering the following parameters:

  1. Itra score no less than 545 points for men and 400 points for women

  2. Experience in Skyrunning and Skymarathon races according to the ISF definition: at least 3 Skyrunning races ran and finished from 2016 to 2021. One of those races needs to be a SkyMarathon race longer than 35km.

The admitted athletes must complete the race registration within 30 days from the notification of admission.
In case an admitted athlete cannot complete the registration on time the first athlete (man or woman) of the waiting list following the rank will be admitted.

4. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30. The bib distribution is fixed from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm on Saturday 18th September and from 5.30 am to 6.30 am on Sunday 19th September.

5. Registrations will be considered eligible only after the payment of the registration fee through the methods specified.

6. The race will take place along mountain paths with a challenging route of ascents and descents on paths classified “EE” that include some exposed passages and equipped with chains. It is necessary therefore a good physical preparation and a practice of hiking on high mountain trails.

7. The entire route will be marked with specific trail markers, with flags, tapes and safeguards.

8. Several checkpoints will be established and failure to pass one of them will result in a ban.

9. There are ten refreshment points along the route plus the final refreshment. Due to Covid-19 there will be no possibilities of self service. Only water and sport supplement will be available.

10. The race will be coordinated with radio communication between the finish line and the main points of the route.

11. There are five time gates: Piani dei Resinelli (Forno della Grigna): 1h and 45 'after the start,  Bivacco Ferrario (Grignetta peak): 3h:30' after the start,  Bogani Hut: 5h: 45 'after the start,  Antonietta Hut in Pialleral: 7h and 30 'after the start. 
Athletes who do not pass the gates within the deadline, are obliged to stop. From this moment the athlete who does not pass the time gate becomes a normal hiker.

12. The maximum time to finish the race is fixed at 9h hours.

13. When the finish line is closed ( time limit), assistance along the route will no be guaranteed.

14. The timing will be done by chip.

15. The competitor who abandons the race must communicate this to any checkpoint showing at the same time the bib number. If the retirement does not require medical intervention, the athlete must return independently to the nearest exit point  (as specified in the security plan) by notifying the checkpoint. From this moment the athlete who does not pass the time gate becomes a normal hiker. The intervention of the 118 helicopter is only possible in cases where the intervention of the Alpine Rescue is required.

16. It is obligatory to follow the route indicated. In case of violation there is a penalty or disqualification. The bib must be visible during the entire competition.

17. There is a ten minute penalty or disqualification for athletes who throw glasses, bottles, etc. … along the way and do not comply with the safety rules and instructions of the staff in the most dangerous places. For safety reasons, external assistance is not allowed, under penalty of disqualification.

18. In case of bad weather the competition can be carried out on an alternative route; the organization can decide, in case of particularly difficult weather conditions, to suspend the race during its course: in this case the ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the steps taken at the last check. In case of this decision, the prize money will be halved. The organization reserves the right to temporarily suspend, or permanently interrupt, the race for all or part of the competitors if there are situations that could seriously compromise the safety of the athletes or people present along the route (e.g. helicopter rescue operations, falling stones / stones, etc. ..).

19. Equipment

Compulsory Equipment:

  • technical shoes with well marked sole (trail running / skyrunning)
  • socks
  • leggings ¾ or leggings above the knee worn with leggings (it will be mandatory to wear them depending on the weather conditions)
  • gloves
  • windproof jacket *
  • mountaineering helmet with certification CE EN 12492 
  • T-shirt or technical shirt under the bib
  • Mobile phone with the organization's phone number stored
  • water reserve of at least 0.5 liters (the race takes place within the Northern Grigna Regional Park, therefore plastic cups will not be distributed at the refreshment points.). All mandatory equipment must be accompanied until arrival (except for the helmet as provided for in point 21), under penalty of disqualification. In case of bad weather, the bib must be worn over the rain jacket and must always be clearly visible throughout the competition. The organization will communicate any changes to mandatory clothing also based on weather conditions including the use of additional means of protection.


  • sling and lanyard
  • install the WHERE ARE U application on your mobile phone available for both IOS and for ANDROID

* We will consider the technical jackets suitable for trail running with integrated hood built with membranes with certified technologies, as reported on the label, for breathability and water impermeability. Given the unpredictability of weather conditions in the Alpine environment, jackets with waterproof values ​​equal to 20,000 water columns and RET & lt breathability are mandatory; 6 with heat-sealed seam.

In the eventuality that during the course or at the arrival an athlete is found without such materials, the penalties provided for by the FISKY and ISF regulations will be applied. 

20. The use of rackets is allowed in the areas marked by posters. In the forbidden sections, the rackets must be placed in the backpack. Non-observance of this rule will result in disqualification of the athlete. The organization does not provide transport service rackets.

21. The helmet can be delivered to the Race Office at the bib collection; the organization will transport it to the Rosalba Refuge. The helmet must be worn at the indicated points (under penalty of disqualification) up to the Bietti Refuge. The helmet can be left for recovery by the organization at the Bogani Refuge.

22. Claims after the race must be received by the jury within 30 minutes of the display of the order of arrival, accompanied by € 50.00 to be refunded if the claim is accepted.

23. The organization will offer the assistance-race with the support of the Alpine Rescue in the most challenging sections of the route in addition to the emergency intervention of 118 if necessary. For anything not specified in these regulations, please refer to the rules of the FISKY-ISF 2021 regulation

24. In case of race’s cancellation due to force majeure beyond the control of the organization (pandemic, risky climatic conditions, law enforcement orders) the organization will reimburse the cost of the registration fee (with the exception of any bank commissions) to the following extent:

  1. 70% if cancellation occurs in the last 30 days before the event

  2. 100% if cancellation occurs previously

  3. Athletes can decide to renounce to the refund and to keep the subscription for 2023 edition.


Male / women ranking

1st place
€ 1.000,00 + Davide Invernizzi Cup

2nd place
€ 600.00 + Davide Invernizzi Cup

3rd place
€ 400.00 + Davide Invernizzi Cup

4th place € 300.00

5th place € 200.00

6th -10th place € 100.00

11th -15th place prizes offered by sponsors


Special Award

Matteo Tagliabue Cup
For the first man/woman who reach Grignetta summit.