Coiffet and Gerardi triumph in the Grigne Skymarathon 2023

France's Luison Coiffet and America's Hillary Gerardi signed the 2nd edition of Grigne Skymarathon, the only Italian 2023 stage of Skyrunner World Series before the final to be held at the end of October in the usual location of Limone sul Garda.

After the postponement of one day due to weather, this morning 374 sky runners (334 men and 40 women) were able to compete on the very technical 42km and 3600m d+ Lecco course with passage to the 2184m of the Southern Grigna and the 2410m of the Northern Grigna. At stake were precious points in the Skyrunning World Series circuit, a pass for the legendary Kima Trophy and the prestige of completing one of the races that have made the history of this discipline. A DIFFICULT COURSE TO INTERPRET: from the square of Pasturo (650 m) the competitors quickly climbed in altitude until they took the Traversata Bassa in the direction of Rifugio Porta and Piani Resinelli. From here they took a steep single track that led them to Rifugio Rosalba (1730 m) where they entered the spectacular Sentiero Cecilia. In the presence of walls on which generations of mountaineers have climbed, passing vertical spires and pinnacles with often bizarre shapes, they reached the summit of the Grigna Meridionale (2177m). From the summit, with the help of a chain, they rappelled down the northern slope, then increased their pace to reach the Elisa Refuge (1518m) with great stride.

On the ascent of Val Cassin, passage to Rifugio Bogani (1822 m) and on the technical ascent that took them to the summit of Grigna Settentrionale (2409 m), the race got into full swing. As always, the difference was made on the technical descent to Rifugio Pialeral (1320 m) and the subsequent ascent to the small church of San Calimero (1499 m). The last stretch to Rifugio Riva (1020 m) and the finish line in Pasturo presented the bill to those who had dared too much in the first part of the race and rewarded those who managed. MEN'S RACE: if in the first part of the race the Italian duo composed of Daniel Antonioli and William Boffelli tried to sow panic with a major forcing, on the climb leading to the Grignone the European vertical champion Luison Coiffet grafted the reductions and took the lead by leading Spanish Manuel Merillas.

Between the two it was a tight head-to-head until the Pialeral locality where the Frenchman again stretched and then presented himself alone at the finish line in Pasturo with a time of 4h54'15" that will also be the time to beat in future editions. Also on the podium with him were Merillas (4h55'52") and Italian Cristian Minoggio (5h00'42").

Completing the top five are Briton Finlay Wild and Moroccan naturalized Spanish Zaid Ait Malek. They are followed in order by William Boffelli, Daniel Antonioli, Luca Del Pero, Esteban Olivero and Pere Aurell. WOMEN'S RACE: Hillary Gerardi grants an encore, but this time on the original course with passage through Grignetta and Grignone. For her a race all on the attack and success of the day in 6h12'05" which will be the benchmark time for the pink race. Second place for Spain's Ainara Urrutia (6h36'41") and third for Canada's Kalie Mccrystal (6h37'46"). Also doing well were Ohiana Azkorbebeita, Rea Kolbl, Marcela Vasinova, Elisa Pallini, Ruut Uusitalo, Daniela Rota and Lisa Risch. BEHIND THE SCENES: Behind the scenes Team Pasturo in collaboration with Falchi Lecco and GSA Cometa coordinated more than 200 volunteers. Among them 50 mountain rescue men and as many as 4 guides supervised the safety of the competitors. The event was supported by the Lombardy Region and several local authorities, had as technical sponsor Scott Sport Italia supported by DF Sport Specialist.